From exosomes
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Exosomes in liquid biopsy.
Innovative tools for personalised medicine.

Exosomics envisions a world in which a simple blood drop will be sufficient for early diagnosis, easier monitoring and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.

A game-changing technology


Our approach is based on the earlier detection of cancer hallmarks shuttled by tumor exosomes as early sentinels of tumor occurrence.


We believe that the input material in any diagnostic test is a key element for the success of the test itself.


Liquid biopsy is minimally invasive and captures the whole tumor picture enabling tumor screening, staging, profiling and monitoring.


Our assays are developed in a regulated environment and are simple, reliable and cost-effective.

A full range of products & services

We offer products for extracellular vesicles research & diagnostics, as well as custom services for Academia, Biotech & Pharma.

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